How hard is it to start writing again after ages? I have had some crazy thoughts and events to write about in past 6 months, but I didn’t. My only excuse: “This can wait. I have some important shit that needs to be taken care of now.” Once you are done dealing with some shit […]

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Crumpled Déjà Vu!

He crumpled hundreds of sheets of paper in his mind trying to put the exact picture he had in his mind on to an imaginary paper. And ‘backspace’ was the most used key on his keyboard whenever he sat in front of his laptop to type. Scratching his head while fighting with all his vocabulary […]

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Just a gate. Just the other side.

Isn’t it funny that we always have best solutions for all the problems what other people would bring onto the discussion tables though we have never gone through those problems ourselves before. More funnier would be the fact that these most of the people readily accept those solution. Why is that we feel comfortable or […]

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As she smiles…

She is the one who hates and admires her sparkling tears against the sunlight, as they escaped out of her wide moist eyes with her head bowed to the ground, heavy on thoughts, light on decisions, confused soul answers she tries to embrace. She continues to cry not because she couldn’t find the answers, she […]

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He had slipped into many number of other’s shoes over past few years but never took a step forward or backwards in those. Not because he was afraid to, not because he cared about himself a lot than others, not because he didn’t want to help, not because the shoes were new or old, it’s […]

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Two Best Friends

He wished coffee spoke as he saw a lovely lady walk towards him with a smiling apology for having kept him away from one of the thing he loved, the thing he met every day. It knew all his secrets, all his happiness and all his sadness, as he had never stopped sharing those with […]

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Dreaming Home:)

Home was never a part of our dreams. We were wrong, a part of us screams. Let us give it some time, As we try to reach our prime.   Home is always a place to be. Home is what the dream we see. We have other dreams too, which we hope to be. Lost, […]

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Smiling Scars

He locked himself up behind the doors on which no one would knock, not for the bad, but for the good. Surprisingly, he could see one thing at a time clearly in his fogged mind waiting to be filled up with an action plans against each of those things. But he never wrote anything against […]

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Terrible Two’s

Oversleeping was his hobby horse until his bed threw him out one day; he felt even his bed got bored of him. “OK, you be happy. I will go” says his look-alike standing next to his bed and him on it. Amazed and in a hurry to catch his look-alike, he finishes his morning choirs […]

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She wakes up every day with foggy eyes and few answers in her mind. She rushes through her daily choirs every morning. Preparing a breakfast or helping to prepare one, dressing up her kids to school or dressing herself up for a typical day at work, she does it every day with a deadpan face […]

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He meets people. He has answers for every possible question what those people could ask. All why? had why not? All what ifs had let’s try. All who? had them! All when? had then. All where? had there or here. All which? had this or that. All Sure? had a confident Yes. All how? had explanations. […]

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Diving Thoughts!

He always thought about thoughts. Found time, he thought as he scribbled throughout his last exam and there was nothing much to worry about for few more months. He packed his bags and set out to explore a new country along with the people he cared. Found fun, he thought when he was a part of […]

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Special Day:)

It’s a modest restaurant of medieval times in one of the calmest street of the city. After having read about its wonderful atmosphere and the delicious numbers on their menu card, he finally decides to give it a try. He finally took himself on a date. Dressed in his dark finest clothes with a prominent […]

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An Uncalled Battle

It’s almost an empty train and watching green empty fields running against a moist window pane, which hosts many racing droplets is one among those best moments in his recent days. He saw that these droplets house a whole dark cloudy sky with flock of birds heading back home. Along his journey till now he […]

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If I had to write about all the shit I go through, believe me I would’ve written hand full of books by now, each of them covering my days. Days that start with happiness and ends with happiness. Days that start with fear and ends with fear. Days that starts with excitement and ends with uneasiness. Days […]

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When Coffee dreams about Tea!

As a day starts with the coffeemaker filling my mug with the source of my office happiness, hot fumes out of that mug against the cold window pane looks refreshing. “It’s a long walk back to my office, coffee cannot wait” (It’s just 20 steps away). Sipping the mug to calm my unrealistic excuses for […]

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